What happens if I raise more or less than the target amount?

Your campaign is successful if you reach 100% of your target. If you reach between 80% and 99% of your target you can ask your supporters if they support your alternative plan. If they agree you can start with your project. The money you raise in your campaign will be stored on a separate bank account. If you reach your target amount, we will transfer the money within three weeks. If you do not reach 80% of your target amount we will refund it to your supporters.

Of course you can always overfund. To give an example: a campaign can also be funded for 130% of the target amount. The extra money raised should also be used for the project on the campaign page. We ask campaigners to inform their supporters about how they will put the extra money to good use, by sharing an update on their campaign page.


If you do not reach 80% of your target amount within the crowdfunding period, we will inform your supporters and refund them.

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