How can I support a project with my time, knowledge, skills, expertise?

Easily! Nobody can do everything by him/herself – and while they’re pretty great, the people the project initiators on 1%Club need a little extra support every now and then as well. Some projects need help sorting out their accounts, a new logo or a marketing plan – or some simply need help raising funds for their campaign. And that’s where you come in. Whether you’re an accounting genius, a graphic designer par excellence, a marketing magician or someone looking for a project to raise funds for, you’re the heroes our project initiators are looking for!

Search within the projects to see if there’s one that needs your expertise. If a project has an open task, you can find them on the right side of their project page. If you’re interested, click on ‘apply’ and the initiator will get in touch ASAP. Good luck!

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