How do I create a fundraiser?

A fundraiser is a great way to raise support and awareness for a crowdfunding campaign. Whatever you do, whether it’s asking people to donate to a project as a present for your birthday, organising a benefit dinner or going the whole way and running a marathon, it will raise funds for a project you care about.

The even better news is that it takes less than two minutes to create your own fundraiser page. Go to the project you would like to fundraise for, click on the right side of the project page, punch in a catchy title, short description, upload a photo or video and choose a target amount and deadline. Then all you have to do is start fundraising!

With this personal fundraiser page you can invite your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to support you. Just in case you were wondering, it’s completely free to create a fundraiser page and every donation will be directly transferred to your chosen project.

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