How do I make my campaign successful?

Every campaigner is responsible for his or her own crowdfunding campaign a success. Crowdfunding means activating your own personal network by engaging your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, people you know from church etc. We are more than happy to advise you on the best strategy for your campaign!


Every project is different. However, a few ingredients are essential for every crowdfunding campaign: A personal story always works better than a general explanation of your project; the more concrete your plan, the better; finally, urgency remains the most important factor to inspire supporters to donate.


Running an online campaign takes time and energy but is really rewarding and will pay out in more than money, as every supporter can become a very valuable contact.

It is also very important to realise who will support your project, and why. Some people will support you because of who you are. They know you and they like you and will support whatever you do. Some people will support you because they feel passionate about your project. Others will just like your fun reward. All three categories will need their own messaging and stories.

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